digital penetration

digital penetration band pictureSolo electronic project. The first way that I started making musick circa 2001-5. Put aside for a while. Picked up again in 2018. Exploratory ‘electronic’ musick. Some beats-based stuff. Some noise. Some sound art. Some installation-type-things. Some drone. Some record scratching, tape scratching, radio scratching, arse scratching. Some genre trouble. Some very silly things. Some ‘silent’ things. Some traffic things. Something.

digital penetration - watching time space motion SMALL

Watching Shinkan Tamaki’s Time Space Motion

A mostly-silent recording of some people watching a mostly-silent film. An attempt at a tribute in sound to one of the most moving films that I have ever seen.



digital penetration - fridges & sticks SMALL

Fridges & Sticks

Fridge-buzz musick. Drone. EQ-scratching. Bamboo-skewers-on-hi-hat playing nonsense.




digital penetration - breaking breaking waves SMALL

breaking breaking waves

Silly loopy madness (really not utilising the right tools to do so; cause I didn’t have them at the time). The first ‘electronic music’ I’ve made in thirteen or so years. Compiled of samples from Breaking Waves rehearsal sessions. WARNING! MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: Mike Carati, Jameson Feakes, B Gosper, Ben Greene, Djuna Lee, Josten Myburgh, Dan O’Conor, Sage Pbbbt and Vanesa Stasiw.

& some older things…