digital penetration

digital penetration band pictureSolo electronic project. The first way that I started making musick circa 2001-5. Put aside for a while. Picked up again in 2018. Exploratory ‘electronic’ musick. Some beats-based stuff. Some noise. Some sound art. Some installation-type-things. Some drone. Some record scratching, tape scratching, radio scratching, arse scratching. Some genre trouble. Some very silly things. Some ‘silent’ things. Some traffic things. Something.



threem ove ments (collage)

threem ove ments (collage)

A volume-fades-only exploration of collaged textures. Three movements of eight samples. Intention non-use of editing to foreground the use of the differing sound qualities of ‘found’ (on my hard drive) recordings. (Also, playing with a new toy—first ever midi controller.)


digital penetration - watching time space motion SMALL

Watching Shinkan Tamaki’s Time Space Motion

A mostly-silent recording of some people watching a mostly-silent film. An attempt at a tribute in sound to one of the most moving films that I have ever seen.



digital penetration - fridges & sticks SMALL

Fridges & Sticks

Fridge-buzz musick. Drone. EQ-scratching. Bamboo-skewers-on-hi-hat playing nonsense.




digital penetration - breaking breaking waves SMALL

breaking breaking waves

Silly loopy madness (really not utilising the right tools to do so; cause I didn’t have them at the time). The first ‘electronic music’ I’ve made in thirteen or so years. Compiled of samples from Breaking Waves rehearsal sessions. WARNING! MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: Mike Carati, Jameson Feakes, B Gosper, Ben Greene, Djuna Lee, Josten Myburgh, Dan O’Conor, Sage Pbbbt and Vanesa Stasiw.


& some older things

(The original incarnation of Digital Penetration, circa 2001-2005…)digital-penetration-old-albums